United Way of Salt Lake City

United Way of Salt Lake (UWSL) works with dozens of partners in six “Promise Partnerships” that have committed to change the odds so that every child in the communities where we work will be healthy from birth, successful in school through college, and ultimately have a career that provides financial stability. Building cradle-to-career civic infrastructure on a foundation of comprehensive community schools within six communities and three school districts, UWSL plays a “backbone” role at the school, community and regional levels.

Reason for Joining NREC

Within the Promise Partnerships, UWSL has developed and supports the data infrastructure necessary to practice “continuous improvement,” target strategies and resources, and evaluate impact and results. As a local partner of NREC national entities, UWSL’s Promise Partnership goals, objectives, and practices are intentionally aligned to these national initiatives. Joining NREC will further align our efforts and accelerate the transfer of knowledge and experience.

How currently using NREC tools

UWSL does not currently use ETO or ResultsScorecard as primary data tools, however, we have committed to import data into ResultsScorecard in order to facilitate national alignment around core objectives.

Anticipated contributions to NREC work: UWSL hopes to contribute the lessons, knowledge and experience gained at the local level in our practice aligning national frameworks and initiatives.

Contact Information

Bill Crim, Sr. VP, Collective Impact and Public Policy
801-736-7771; [email protected]

Danya Pastuszek, Sr. Director Continuous Improvement
801-736-7707; [email protected]