You’re invited to review the newest NREC action guide: Turning Curves for Vulnerable Children from Birth to Age 8 Action Guide: Shared Results and Measures, the first in a series of tools being developed by NREC partners. It recommends a set of core results and indicators for communities working on improving results for children from birth to age 8.

This tool is offered as a launching point to align common results and track progress across multiple initiatives. This guide was created by NREC partners as a working draft now being shared for review by researchers, experts, policymakers, leaders, funders and others to learn how it can best be used and how it can be improved before it is issued in final form.

It grows out of a recognition that:

  • At the community level, focusing on a concise, manageable set of results and indicators leaders to greater progress;
  • Each community can move more rapidly to action by using a core set of indicators that are grounded in strong research; and
  • As national organizations committed to improving results for young children, the NREC national partners can offer a benefit to its network if we agree on a starting point set of results and indicators.

Please review this draft and add your ideas and comments below. And feel free to share this invitation to review the draft with colleagues!

Review Questions: