About NREC

The National Results and Equity Collaborative is a new and game changing approach to accelerating positive and equitable results for children, youth, families and communities throughout the United States. Read more

Our Partners

NREC was initiated by a group of national organization founding partners, joined by leaders from communities working on multiple initiatives sponsored by the founding national partners.
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Tools and Resources

The NREC aims to create a common language, approach and suite of tools to support the work of its partners.  Below is a list of tools and resources being used by NREC partners to help foster collaboration and build the capacity of local leaders. Read more

Latest Updates


Guide to RBA Planning and Facilitation
Check out one of the newest NREC resources: Guide to Results-Based Planning and Facilitation: Achieving Results and Equity for Vulnerable Children and Youth. This guide points the way to using a disciplined strategic planning approach to community-wide positive change for children from birth to age 8. Designed for community leaders in all sectors working together to both do the right things and to do those things well. Download here

NREC Shared Results and Measures

Shared Results and Measures Review
You’re invited to review the newest NREC action guide: Turning Curves for Vulnerable Children from Birth to Age 8 Action Guide: Shared Results and Measures. First in a series of tools being developed by NREC partners. It recommends a set of core results and indicators for communities working on improving results for children from birth to age 8. This tool is offered as a launching point to align common results and track progress across multiple initiatives. Check it out here.