The Results and Equity Collaborative Founding Partners invite community, state and national leaders, coalitions, organizations, policy makers, funders and others to join this growing movement to align work to achieve greater and faster results for the most vulnerable children, youth and families.

There are two ways to become part of the Results and Equity Collaborative:

Join as a PARTNER

Partners agree to:

  •  Use a results-based planning and implementation approach, such as Results Based Accountability or Outcomes-Focused Strategic Planning, in their work on behalf of vulnerable children, youth and families;
  • Use agreed upon definitions, core results and indicators developed by the Results and Equity Collaborative, and have input into these common tools as they evolve (in addition to developing other common elements of our approach);
  • Document and share results, strategies and lessons learned with other Results and Equity partners, allies and peers annually; and
  • Participate in the Results and Equity Learning Community, as that develops through conference calls, webinars and possible meetings.

Join as an ALLY

Allies agree to:

  •  Broadly share information about and promote the Results and Equity Collaborative with peers, colleagues, constituents and networks;
  • Encourage members, colleagues and constituents to become partners; and
  • Feature Results and Equity Collaborative work at conferences, meetings and in ongoing communications.

While it is strongly recommended that Results and Equity Partners and Allies use the Results Scorecard in their work, it is also possible to use the Results and Equity Collaborative core results and indicators without the scorecard.

Both partners and allies will become members of the Results and Equity Learning Community and their names and logos will be included on the web site.