About NREC

The National Results and Equity Collaborative is a new and game changing approach to accelerating positive and equitable results for children, youth, families and communities throughout the United States. It enables networks of funders, technical assistance providers, intermediary organizations, public and private civic and service organizations, government and others to work together in greater alignment to help more vulnerable young people succeed from birth throughout adulthood.

Our Purpose

As a newly formed voluntary organization, NREC aims to (1) accelerate positive results for vulnerable children throughout the country by creating a national network to align results-based TA, measures, effective strategies and solutions across multiple national and local initiatives; and, and in so doing, (2) promote consistency and greater impact in the use of results-based methodologies at the federal, state and local levels. As these elements are developed and tested, the collaborative will function as an open source peer network, with ever expanding circles of leaders testing and using this approach and sharing what they are learning with a network of peers throughout the country.

Our Goals

By working closely together and recognizing that we are all in the same enterprise, NREC promotes alignment on several important dimensions of a results-based approach, including:

  • A results and indicators framework that can serve as a common core (or skeleton) to which communities and initiatives can add their unique additional indicators and/or language:
  • A shared commitment to building community capacity, allowing multiple initiatives to generate evidence about how community capacities contribute to results;
  • A willingness to share tools and materials that support strategy development and on an ever-increasing knowledge base; and
  • A common “results and data aggregator” tool – the Results Scorecard – which participating initiatives have agreed to use as a common approach and tool for capturing the process.